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          Employing a highly trained and engaged workforce, proven technology and strategy, knowledge and experience in operations and facilities management, so clients can focus on what they do best.




          people are better connected to their city


          less time to cover the city's snow route network due to optimized snow routes

          Centennial road sign

          从行业是第一家之一,提供城市公共 - 私营伙伴关系,公共工程,遵守守则,智能的解决方案和设施,公园的维护 - 帮助城市百年成为有史以来第一位业界认可的公私伙伴关系机构由美国公共工程协会 - 我们建立在彼此的优势,以最好地服务市民。



          Water & Wastewater

          365体育投注 serves public agencies and private entities, delivering water and wastewater utility operations and maintenance (O&M), facilities management, public works and municipal services. We’ve delivered O&M services for clients in government and industry for nearly 40 years and today, we treat 1.6 billion gallons of water and wastewater every single day.

          We work for communities throughout North America and in many international locations, managing water, wastewater and utility infrastructure systems implementing tested and proven processes and systems to meet supply, treatment and disposal requirements for municipal, industrial and federal customers. Our 99.9 percent permit compliance is just one of the many accomplishments of our more than 4,000 O&M staff. A few others to note:

          • 502 Bad Gateway
          • Water Environment Federation Utility of the Future Award for Fayetteville, Arkansas’, biosolids reuse program.
          • Rocky Mountain Water Environment Association Water Heroes Award for Farmington, New Mexico’s, efforts during the Gold King Mine spill.

          Our full range of O&M services supports your water, wastewater, public works, community development and administrative needs, including:

          • Water treatment, distribution, collection and treatment
          • 公共工程运营和维护
          • Laboratory management and fleet support and management
          • Industrial pretreatment programs and air emissions and odor treatment systems
          • Meter reading and billing and collection
          • Planning and zoning, permitting and inspection and code enforcement
          • Parks and recreation, streets and rights-of-way and traffic engineering
          • Call-center management and operations, administration and logistics and building operations and maintenance
          • Facilities outsourcing and engineering and staff augmentation
          • 车队支持和管理
          • Boiler operations and steam supply, compressed air supply, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
          • Chemical management and energy management




          The planning, resource allocation and operations and maintenance of existing road and bridge assets reflects a trending change for agencies and authorities that are being asked to do more with less.


          • Highway, street and roadway management and development
          • 公路桥梁资产管理
          • Highway performance audits, highway operations and maintenance advisory
          • 控制流量管理操作

          运营管理 Innovations & Insights

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